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Sediment Interface Detector Sediment Interface Detector

Track and measure settled solids in cold settling tanks and storage tanks.

Centrifuge Centrifuge

Measure percent solids for process control. Clarify samples for lab tests.

Our Price: $1,094.00
Liqua-Core Sampler Liqua-Core Sampler

View the core of a wine tank and see suspended solids.

Centrifuge Tubes Centrifuge Tubes

Plastic tubes marked in % with conical bottoms. Sold in packs of 12.

Centrifuge Tube Rack Centrifuge Tube Rack

Handy 6-place centrifuge tube rack with weighted base.

Our Price: $28.55
Replacement Sensor Probe Replacement Sensor

For use with the Sediment Interface Detector SID-25200.